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septic systems

Septic System Install

Davis Underground is a premiere installer and service provider of onsite wastewater treatment systems, including

- Aerobic treatment plants, including surface distribution systems and drip systems

- Lateral-line systems

- Low-pressure dosage systems

Aerobic System Installation & Repair

Davis Underground offers a wide range of support to keep your aerobic septic system in proper operating condition. Our Oklahoma DEQ Licensed Certified Installer has over 15 years of experience offering installation, repair, maintenance and inspection services for residential and commercial units. We offer the following:

New installation

- Consultation and diagnostic services

- Septic design and installation

- Installation of risers

- Lift station installation

- System updating

- Sludge tests at each inspection with written pumping recommendations (if applicable)

- 2-year Service Agreement included with every installed system

Repair Services

- Replacement of effluent pumps and repairs to effluent tank and parts

- Repair or replacement of air compressors / aerators

- Air system repair, including diffuser cleaning/replacement

- Replacement / repair to control boxes

- Wiring repair

- Sprinkler head repair or replacement

- Sprinkler line repair

Inspection Services

- Scheduled inspections/monitoring as required by state and/or permitting agencies 

Davis Underground will check your aerobic system for sludge buildup, proper functioning of the aeration system including the pump, alarms, aerator, floats, electrical supply lines, circuit breaker, wastewater color and odor, and all other mechanical parts. Samples may be taken from the aeration chamber as well as from the treated wastewater.

- Written inspection / monitoring reports

- Inspections for Real Estate Transfers, with written reports

Conventional Septic Systems - Lateral-Line

1,000 gallon tank

Lateral field with:

- Pipe gravel

- Chambers