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Storm Shelters

'Easy Access' Storm Shelter

Davis Underground only installs FEMA certified concrete storm shelters. The most popular model we install is the “Easy Access” Storm Shelter. Its 45 degree angle access has built-in concrete steps with handrail allowing for safer, easier entry for children, pets, and elderly, than other traditional concrete shelters. 

The “Easy Access” Storm Shelter is offered in in two sizes:

  - 6’ x 12’

 - 6’ x 8’’ 

All storm shelters come with an 8” wind turbine for ventilation and a 6” vent Standard Installation includes the following:  

- Dig and set the shelter 

- Backfill and cover with existing soil  

- We can either place all excavated soil back around the shelter or leave excess soil elsewhere on site.

Other options and upgrades available:

- Commercial underground shelters up to 40’ long x 8’-6” wide

- Flat Top Shelter - can be installed under concrete slabs for access from inside house or garage

- Install electric to unit - Lighting, battery charging

- Install Cable/Telephone/Data cabling - Watch television reports while in shelter, have backup

computer, etc.