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Custom Framing is the "Jewelry" in the room!!! Custom Framing can make or break the Artwork. We at Dean-Lively Gallery have no rules, absolutely anything goes.We are not afraid to get out of the box, in fact, we welcome it! We are not afraid to be different, innovative, or edgy. We thrive on the opportunity to WOW with our unique style and creativity. We love a challenge anything from the corporate environment to the simplest residential environment.  Custom Framing is it's own art. An art form that is totally underrated. Given the opportunity bring us a challenge and we promise to deliver a result that is awe inspiring and will be a focal point to any room for years to come. Even though we have the talent and the know how to produce an unbelievable result we can do so within any budget. Because we are a small retailer and do not have the overhead of the larger box stores we can match the cost of the big Custom Frame retailers as well as offer the absolute best in Customer Service skills. All Custom Framing is preformed on site. This allows for the absolute best in quality and attention to detail. There is not a better Custom Framing team in the area than that of Elaine Dean, owner and Scott Butler, manager. Together they are a creative force to be reckoned with. Visit their profiles on our site to gain a knowledge of who they are. Finally do not let the word "Gallery" be an intimidation factor when it comes to cost of custom framing. We can and will meet and compete with our competitors. We have the largest selection of Custom Framing in the metro area and can reach any budget. Come on, give us a try and you will be glad you did and never will you question the decision to invest in Custom Framing. After all what is a room without "Jewelry"!

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