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Sean Cooper received a bachelors degree from Oklahoma State University studying at The Spears School of Business and Entrepreneurship. Sean, alongside his brother Brock, began their construction careers in New York City renovating high end residential properties. Sean starting as a Project Manager and Brock as a carpenter with Frank Debono Construction. Working together on the finest apartments and townhouses in Manhattan sparked an everlasting passion.

After gaining the knowledge and skills necessary the brothers moved to Tulsa and financed the start up of their own company. In July of 2015, Sean U. Cooper Construction was founded. Since then, they have completed projects from residential and commercial renovations to sheet metal homes, shipping container repurposing, and much more. The Coopers are relentless in their efforts to incorporate a unique touch in Tulsa's growing economy. Sean Cooper Construction is fully certified and carries up to $1 Million in general liability.

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